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Computer Repair and Support Services

With the increasing complexity of today's computer networks, many of our clients find that it is no longer cost-effective to maintain a full Information Technology staff within their organization. By outsourcing support and maintenance needs to Pinnacle Computer Services, our clients are able to eliminate the out-of pocket expenses for training and equipping an IT professional, and avoid the overhead of additional full-time employees.

Our Staff

Our support team is trained in the latest computer hardware technologies and they excel in communicating with non-technical staff.

Support Services
Our services can be retained on a scheduled basis or utilized as needed. Because our technicians have experiences on a variety of different networks they are able to solve problems more quickly than a single in-house staff member with limited experience and training.

We pride ourselves on providing quick and personalized support on-site, by telephone, email, and through remote network access. We continually work with our clients to enhance and modify their systems to meet their changing business needs and to provide recommendations for implementation of new and emerging technologies.





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